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Hi Mike,

It was great meeting you at Sun 'n Fun and discussing your products. I owned a flight instruction operation for two years before being bought out. When we wore through our first set of brake pads in a short timeframe, my A&P recommended a switch to RAPCO brake linings. Not only is the parts cost from RAPCO less, I also got a better product. Even with the day-to-day abuse from students, one set of brake linings would last us several hundred flight hours. We taught our students on short fields and the product still held up well. I really appreciate the ingenuity that RAPCO has brought to even a small product such as this. In a small business, every dollar counts.. This is one product that helped my business meet its margin. With a Cessna 172 flying about 800 hours per year, we had to minimize downtime to meet demand. Again, this was one product that kept myself, a fellow CFI, renters, and students airborne as much as possible. While my career has changed, I still fly about 200 hours per year and recommend your products to my aviation clients. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Parker Woodruff


Just wanted to let you know that I've never seen any vacuum pumps that last as long as RAPCO rebuild pumps. As you can see from the enclosed paperwork, the one I just removed lasted for 3682.1 hours. Absolutely amazing. It was installed in a Cessna 150 which is used almost exclusively VFR only. Thank you for a durable product.

Herb Pello


Dear Mark:

Last year, we installed RAPCO brake discs on our Beechcraft after years of using other parts from the "other" brand.

We have experienced excellent performance while wear is significantly lower for the same number of flight hours. Your firm shoud be commended on a fine product.

We plan to continue to the use of RAPCO parts and hope our distributor will supply us with the other parts and accessories you produce.

Best regards,

Stephen Betzler

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