Brake Overhaul Kits

RAPCO Inc. Brake Overhaul Kits contain FAA-PMA and EASA approved quality replacement parts for Cleveland multi-rotor brake assemblies. The parts have undergone rigorous dynamometer and flight testing by experienced designers, engineers and test pilots. Each kit offers quality and performance at a very competitive price.

RA199-575A Box RA199-575A Overhaul Kit

Eligibility: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. PC-12, PC-12/45, PC-12/47, PC-12/47E with Parker Cleveland Brake Assembly PN: 30-244
Replaces: Parker Aerospace Cleveland PN: 199-575A
Description: Brake Overhaul Kit

Kit Contents Part Number Description Quanitity
RA095-01100 RA095-01100 WASHER, FLAT 1
RA101-00700 RA101-00700  O-RING (MS28775-012) 2
RA101-02500 RA101-02500 O-Ring (MS28775-220) 6
RA105-02401 RA105-02401 RIVET 55
RA105-08701 RA105-08701 RIVET 55
RA107-03700 RA107-03700  WIPER (Reduced drag) 6
RA109-03000 RA109-03000 PAD, WEAR  72
RA159-07400 RA159-07400  DISC, ROTOR 3

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