***Please ensure that cores are shipped to the appropriate location as outlined below. Failure to do so may result in delays along with a $10 handling charge per pump, plus additional shipping costs being billed back to shipper.***

RAPCO Inc. produces overhaul exchange or customer property overhaul components under FAA approved Process Specifications. To be eligible for overhaul, serviceable cores must meet the following criteria. 



Exchange Cores
•Like model numbers must be returned in repairable condition to RAPCO, Inc. within 6 months from date of invoice for full core credit.
•Aluminum bodies only, no cast iron cores, confirm with magnet.
•Cores stamped “No Overhaul” are acceptable if they meet the above conditions.
•Cores are subject to inspection.

Extra Cores
The same conditions as above apply however we will pay $25.00 for only RAPCO and Airborne dry air pumps.

Shipping - Dry Air Pump cores only
If you would like a refund check include your name and phone number along with the name of payee for the refund check and address of which to send it. If you are a Rapco distributor and prefer core credit applied to your account please let us know. If you have any questions, please be sure to call our Dry Air Pump division RAPCO Inc. (262) 367-2292
Ship freight pre-paid to: Rapco Inc. 445 Cardinal Lane Hartland, WI 53029




Exchange Cores or Customer Property Overhaul
•Only serviceable Airborne/Parker, Dukes and RAPCO fuel pumps cores are acceptable.
•Cores being returned for credit must be of the same manufacturer and part number requested.
•Cores must be in repairable condition, complete with all parts included.
•Cores are subject to inspection prior to credit being issued.
•All Fuel Pump cores must be returned to Fleet Support Services as soon as possible within 6 months from date of invoice, to receive full credit.

Extra Cores
Please be sure to contact our Fuel Pump division Fleet Support Services, inc. (608) 329-6661

Shipping - Fuel Pump cores only
Overhauled units must be ordered and billed by a Rapco Inc. distributor.
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact our Fuel Pump division Fleet Support Services (608) 329-6661
Ship freight pre-paid to: Fleet Support Services Inc. W4711 S.R. 59 Monroe, WI 53566



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