PT-6 100 Hour Kit

pt6_100_hour_kit* Contains all the necessary “O” rings for chip detector, fuel pump, P3 filter & oil filter

* Contains “O” rings for Airmaze and Purolator firewall fuel strainers

Aircraft with PT6 engines:
Beech King Air 90
Beech King Air 100
Beech King Air 200
Beech B1900
Cessna 208 Caravan
Cessna 425
DeHavilland Dash 7
DeHavilland Twin Otter
Embraer EMB 110
Piper PA31T, -1, PA42
Short Bros. SD330/SD360
Check Aircraft Manufacturers IPC for installation eligibility.

Kit Includes:
AN6235-3A                                         Filter
MS9388-015 or M83248/1-15            O Ring, P3 Filter
MS9388-019 or MS83248/1-019        O Ring, Forward Oil Filter
MS9388-115 or M83248/1-115          O Ring, Chip Detector
MS9388-120 or M83248/1-120          O Ring, Oil Filter
MS9388-126 or M83248/1-126          O Ring, P3 Filter
MS9388-143 or M83248/1-143          O Ring, Oil Filter
MS9388-224 or M83248/1-224          O Ring, Oil Filter
M25988/1-022                                    (99-4346-22), “O” Ring, Fuel Filter
M25988/1-916                                    (99-4347-16), “O” Ring, Fuel Filter
M25988/1-928                                    (99-4684-28), “O” Ring, Fuel Filter
M25988/1-212                                    (99-4685-212), “O” Ring, Fuel Filter
AN123962                                          O Ring, Fuel Strainer, Airmaze
AN123992                                          O Ring, Fuel Strainer, Airmaze
MS29513-148                                    O Ring, Fuel Strainer, Purolator
7500-5/16                                          O Ring, Fuel Strainer, Purolator




Note: This is a Universal Kit for the PT-6 engine. Depending on the application, not all “O” rings will be needed.
The black “O” ring in the AN6235-3A filter should be replaced, as directed by the aircraft maintenance manual, with the kit “O” ring M25988/1-212 which is blue in color.



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